12 Apr 2011

Am I allowed to call them liars?

...or are they just incompetent?

As Lloyd Carter predicted, politicians spoke falsehood in public (via RM):
  • "Man made drought" -- there's no such thing.
  • "Caused 40 percent unemployment" -- not true.
  • "Farmers not receiving all the water they deserve" -- there is no Santa Claus.
  • "Breadbasket of America" -- uhh, nope.
These politicians (McClintock, Denham, Hastings, Nunes) are deluded.

Reminds me of Bill O'Reilly, who equates his inability to understand tides with proof that God exists.

Bottom Line: The lack of critical reasoning among politicians leads to stupid rhetoric, policies and actions. And we ALL pay (even the farmers).


Mister Kurtz said...

I have always wondered why politicians of all stripes hold these hearings. Whether it is this one, or another lamenting our lack of investment in The Children, they are as carefully scripted and choreographed as anything the Soviets might have dreamed up in their salad days. Real hearings, where citizens with a range of opinions might express themselves, might actually be useful. This is just bad theater.

Jeff said...

It actually wasn't as bad as I expected. I suppose that just shows how low my expectations for truthfulness from Congress have become.

Anonymous said...

for whatever comfort it might provide, Larry Collins, president of the SF Crab Boat Owners Assn and vice prez of PCFFA tired of Mr Nunes talking over him/calling him a radical environmentalist as he was trying to make his statement yesterday and fired back at Nunes 'you're talking vegetables, if that - salmon are the main course, vegetables are side dishes'

About as deliberative as anything else in yesterday's cat-hanging I suppose

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