22 Mar 2011

World Water WTF

Today is the annual circus of "look at me" articles, press releases, conferences and speeches by people and for people with attention-spans of a goldfish.

Not my scene, so I am I'm giving you a break from the fracas, with BONUS funnies that put things in context...

and help with priorities...


Wainstead said...

On the one hand, it's a chance to raise some awareness. I wrote to three friends this morning telling them about their water sources and the threats those sources faced.

On the other hand it smacks of "feel good for a day." To borrow an old cliche, every day is world water day.

"When the well is dry, you know the worth of water" - Ben Franklin

abraham said...
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abraham said...

How meaningful the day is, is a function of what the water-community (sic) turns it into. At this point, a large part of this community is populated by workers whose jobs demand they create a splash about their organisations/products (water-filters/slogans/frameworks). They do not feel the pinch of a deteriorating water-situation.

I will value the day only when it is genuinely adopted by some of the communities around the world. At this point my neighbour, an accountant, does not know and does not care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the break. I agree this global gathering is a waste of time and money.

No real focus on solutions only the problem and send me your money.

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