29 Mar 2011

Poll Results -- water policy drivers

Water policies change when...(pick 1+)
New political leaders bring new ideas 13 votes
Old political leaders say things will change 3 votes
Special interests say so 35 votes
The public wants change 23 votes
Activists agitate for change 12 votes
Academics provide new ideas or information 9 votes
Journalists describe how things work (or fail) 10 votes
The weather dictates 34 votes

These results basically match my opinions, but they do not match what we hear, i.e., "we are weighing alternatives and taking appropriate measures" does not sound like "we do what special interests tell us."

So is it that policy-makers are trying to eat their cake and have it? Pretending to represent the public interest but not really doing so?

And what about weather-driven change? Does that mean that the cost of serving special interests is too great?

Love to hear your thoughts.

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