10 Mar 2011

Just a thought...

I started reading The Company of Strangers this morning as I took a train through the Dutch countryside, eating a pain au chocolat with my latte.

I realized not only that I have a pretty good life and work, but also that this result comes from the work, innovation, enjoyment and trade among thousands millions billions of people. That's what brings me a latte made from distant ingredients; that's what brings me this (looks to be) fascinating book.

I realized this after trying to read Veblen's 1899 Theory of the Leisure Class. That book is hard to read, and it reminded me that life in 1899 -- like that book -- was not as good as what we've got today.*

Bottom Line: Thanks everyone!
* Yes, there are exceptions to this observation. Yes, a book is no dataset. But still.

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Aquadoc said...

Nice post! Couldn't agree with you more, David.

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