4 Mar 2011

Anything but water

  • China's high speed rail network may have been built for glory (and corruption), not safety.

  • A fascinating movie on gypsy culture and music. Wisdom: "Do you want life to be tough when you are young or old? Choose one." (Gypsies have cultural similarities to jews and gays, which may be why Hitler tried to exterminate all three groups.)

  • A short but funny parody on eco-hotels, by an Amsterdam hostel that's proud of it's run down facilities and poor quality services.

  • Free Kindle this November? That's the trend, and there's a business model!

  • Google and Khosla will offer crop insurance to farmers, to help mitigate the effects of climate change. They will succeed, unless governments interfere with subsidized prices or regulations that destroy their revenue model (I reckon a 70% chance of harmful interference).
H/T to AZ


Eric Morey said...

Re: crop insurance: You wrote, "I reckon a 70% chance of harmful interference".

I estimate a near 100% chance of interference as the USA farming subsidies are unlikely to stop or decrease significantly in the next 25 years, especially corn and sugar subsidies.

Praveena Sridhar said...

Thanks for sharing the info on Gypsy Caravan movie. Very fascinating.

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