9 May 2018

Links of interest

  1. WaterAlternatives has assembled over 1,000 water-related photos for anyone to use (sample ==>)
  2. A new analysis using light intensity (=density of land use) shows that Roman roads (qua public goods) still create value.
  3. Economists need to step up with straight talk on trade as politicians are unwilling to tell the truth, i.e., job losses are worth the gains, but losers must be compensated.
  4. What has CapeTown learned from its drought? (Not much... read this backgrounder on the political infighting over action.)
  5. Jaron Lanier on what went wrong in Silicon Valley, and Facebook's former VP of user growth says "his kids are not allowed to use this shit [social media]."
  6. An example of how the British inverted social norms to make money in Colonial India.
  7. UK politicians look the other way for a money-laundering donor
  8. The Dutch are failing to integrate refugees in the most basic way: Allowing them to work
  9. Think again about the pros and cons of (male) circumcision
  10. Good advice on how to manage money for couples planning to marry

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