16 May 2018

Links of interest

  1. Is that decision reversible? Then go for it.
  2. The tragedy of Kabul
  3. A physicist on publishing paralysis on the theoretical margins
  4. The creator of pop-up ads on why ad-driven platforms are anti-user
  5. A short overview of Russia's propaganda machine, from some experts
  6. "The Internet Apologizes" is a fascinating series of interviews with tech pioneers talking about how social media has turned against our common good. This summary article matches quotes with topics, but I prefer to read the full interviews (see sidebar at site)
  7. How to delete accounts on the internet (time to clean up your digital debris?)
  8. The West shouldn't rule the world, but its institutions have helped humanity
  9. Maybe we need more conspiracies?
  10. Brexit: Britain's nervous breakdown and the parallels with the US.
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TJ said...

On (8): The alternative thesis I’ve mostly gone with is that the frequent warfare kept Europe decentralized and kept states relatively small and forced them to compete with each other for better policies. That theme, and several other explanatory variables, are taken up
in Rosenberg and Birdzell: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/306586.How_the_West_Grew_Rich

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