2 May 2018

Links of interest

  1. Does private equity profit from improving efficiency or bleeding companies dry? (After you read that -- and get mad -- then listen to this fascinating discussion with a private equity billionaire.)
  2. Deleting Facebook won't save you. You need to change your habits.
  3. Leonardo daVinci on the flows of water. See illustration ==>
  4. The scientific paper is obsolete. Here's one view of the future. Example: This amazing post (and video) showing the "science of motion"
  5. Really great advice for new grad (more PhD than MS) students
  6. US companies, not workers, are profiting from productivity increases (yay Marx!)
  7. Regulation is NOT reducing growth, says free-market economist
  8. Worried about high medical costs? Maybe just give up on preventative care? (We're going to see a lot more of these stories as boomers age and question the conventional wisdom.)
  9. "The messy truth about addiction is that it lies somewhere in between choice and compulsion."
  10. A (retired) Texas judge wonders if the death penalty is a good idea. Meanwhile, in Kiev, there are freelance assassins trying to impress Putin with their kills.
  11. The World Bank found that 1/3 of its reports have never been downloaded. For many years, I have complained that academics spend too much time writing and too little time finding readers  for this work. The Bank's study is probably typical for all writing -- academic, blogs, etc.
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