24 Apr 2018

Review: The Cartoon Guide to Macroeconomics

I read this book after reading and enjoying the Microeconomics volume. I found this one to be just as entertaining and informative.

One major surprise to me is how this macro book discusses development, trade, poverty and the environment. I think of these as micro topics, but they seem do just fine here.

The book is organized into three parts: A single economy (unemployment, money, inflation, gdp and government), international trade (trade & technology, class view of trade, complications, foreign aid and foreign currencies) and global macro (business cycles, poverty, environment and aging). I found the organization to be intuitive and the discussions well-balanced and thorough.

I think these books are really great for combining words with illustrations (and humor), as they reinforce each other to help get the point across. Here's an example:

Bottom line: If you're interested in economics but have fears (or bad memories) of too much math and obscure language, then read these books! I give this one FIVE STARS for making macro great again!

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