18 Apr 2018

Links of interest

  1. Some interesting thoughts on President Xi, China's President (for Life?)
  2. Steven Pinker makes the case for human progress, but that's not inevitable
  3. Milton Keynes, a successful garden city?
  4. How much are you paying for your neighbors' solar panels?
  5. A paper comparing Dutch to American flood programs. The Americans are lagging. 
  6. "It’s sometimes said that data is the ‘oil’ of the digital economy, the resource that fuels everything else. A more helpful analogy is between oil and privacy, a concealed natural resource that is progressively plundered for private profit, with increasingly harmful consequences for society at large. If this analogy is correct, privacy and data protection laws won’t be enough to fight the tech giants with. Destroying privacy in ever more adventurous ways is what Facebook does."
  7. A very complete, and simple, guide to eating
  8. How Copenhagen avoided being cut to pieces by highways
  9. Trouble for Australia's Murray-Darling Basin Authority accused of "ignoring" farmers stealing water and wasting money as it fails to protect the river's environmental flows.
  10. Bangladesh vanquished diarrhea by helping poorer people (the rich then imitated them, to maintain status) and lacking the Hindu superstition that only untouchables "manage" waste. (That said, here's an article on the untouchables struggling with bursting sewers in Dhaka, so there's clearly a lot of work needed!)
  11. New book! Groundwater around the World -- free download
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