4 Apr 2018

Links of interest

She opened running to women by crashing the 1966 Boston marathon 
  1. East Asians don't think of "original" in the same way as Westerners, which explains a few persistent conflicts over actions and interpretation of those actions
  2. Tribalism is innate in humans but can be overcome very easily
  3. Subsidies, like puppies, are everyone's favorite, but too many can get out of control
  4. You can geek out for hours browsing the Guardian's style guide (example: "Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway and Sweden; with the addition of Finland and Iceland, they constitute the Nordic countries"
  5. Ralph Nader is back (and right): "How power in America has turned the rule of law into a mere myth"
  6. I'm a fan of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), and I am particularly delighted to see reports holding politicians accountable, e.g, "Ex-President of France Detained over Alleged Gaddafi Money" and "Slovak PM resigns after journalist’s murder" [not that a resignation compensates for murder!]
  7. "To save congress, restore local news"
  8. Reich on the commons:
    "Occupy Wall Street morphed into the Bernie Sanders campaign, just as much of the Tea Party movement morphed into Trumpism. There is an overlap between authoritarian populism and progressive populism: Both sides detest what they call “crony capitalism” -- the overwhelming influence of “Big Money” on our political system to give favors that distort our economy and our politics [I argued the same 6 years ago]. That may be a place to begin, in terms of finding common ground."
  9. George Walden on Brexit:
    "The spectacle of such a talented yet leaderless nation stumbling blindly towards an unmapped future, tapping its stick fearfully as it goes, inspires sadness, shame and pity. As penury and not so splendid isolation loom, the question becomes, who are the patriots now?"
  10. Matt Taibbi on the Iraq War:
    "We flatter ourselves that Trump is an aberration. He isn't. He's a depraved, cowardly, above-the-law bully, just like the country we've allowed ourselves to become in the last fifteen years."

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