12 Mar 2018

What's your insight on water management?

For my birthday (last August), I asked people on my mailing list for their most important insight or advice on water (or environmental) management. Here are their replies:
  • "In the end, sustaining and rebuilding natural resilience may be our only real defence against the ravages of climate change." -- Ralph Pentland
  • "One Water" -- Celeste CantĂș
  • "All the governance in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how much water is in your basin…" -- Sarah Hendry
  • "As one who grew up in the pretty much desert - we water our gardens or the grass (or agricultural fields) in the early hours of the morning, or after sunset, since water loss due to evaporation decreases." -- Keren Cohen
It's a bit late (or early?) for my birthday, but what is your insight into water management?


Kristanc said...

Water is a "wicked problem" and by definition there there are no "solutions" to our water worries. Humans have always had to manage water and we will continue to have to manage water.

Catherine Shortt said...


I think water is something that has always been sacred. This concept is scary to our overly rational minds. Also immersion seems to help. I would set up an experience that gives an inkling as to what a lack of water feels like. Feelings rather than facts seem to work best. That's how Trump does it!

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