21 Mar 2018

Links of interest

  1. A nice discussion of libertarian economics
  2. A simulation of how the 1% emerged (it misses corruption/crony capitalism, a major political driver)
  3. Will Xi's grab for power result in his dictatorship over China... or his defenestration?
  4. A guide to meeting with the Chinese army. (We all better get used to these dynamics, as China will pass the US, and then the rest of the world will have to constrain China outside its sphere of influence, i.e., goodbye Taiwan. Trump will hasten that switch.)
  5. OCCRP has a big series on "golden visas" -- selling citizenship to the rich. I favor a second passport for everyone. This is more about corruption than rights to me, but some rich folks claim it will trickle down:
    And it may not be immediately apparent, but you can actually see, if you look close enough, if you feel with your heart and with some empathy, you will see that wealthy migration can support things like refugees and the like.
    Malta and Montenegro are players, and this Portuguese politician is trying to end the practice.
  6. The culture wars: "there is a war on, and except for the low level of actual killing, it is a real war, not an allegorical or metaphoric one."
  7. Republican supermarkets? Democratic gas stations? They are coming...
  8. "How Amsterdam gave bike-sharing to the world" and "Los Angeles and the great American streetcar scandal"
  9. Lakes around the world are drying and dying due to over-use and climate change
  10. Water Alternatives has an issue on community engagement and governance, including:
Happy Spring!


Mom4H20 said...

The bike sharing of the past article is very humorous and timely as San Diego has had an influx of "dockless" bikes arrive last month and it is causing chaos! Bikes lying all around the city, blocking businesses and going into other cities (Coronado!). I have seen a few people ride them, not, very practical for all, but my son and his friends are having fun. After school and in between sports, these high school boys are riding these bikes and enjoying it (they are free for the month of March). Rode it to lunch, went around the North Park San Diego neighborhood ringing the bell and having a good clean fun but maybe noisy time! My son said he rode 5 miles! So, I am happy, of course until someone gets hurt - they don't come with helmets! Nice to breath fresh air - that is why I have a convertible!

Pallavi Bharadwaj said...

Sad to read in this post that little has changed in more than a decade of my working on the basic services to urban poor component of a multi-year, multi-million $$ program (commonly known as JnNURM in India) in terms of water conflicts, urbanization chaos and never ending woes of urban poor.

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