23 Feb 2018

Question time, America: Guns or kids?

Here's some data, in case you're dull-witted:

(As I've said for years, the Second Amendment is a great thing but it does explicitly say "a well-regulated militia" and that's NOT how runs guns are regulated today. Amsterdammers took back their streets from cars when too many kids were killed. Can Americans take back their schools from shooting deaths?)


  1. Pity about your typo there ("guns" not "runs"). I disagree about the second amendment being "a great thing". It's badly written and open to several mutually incompatible interpretations, so almost anyone can find a meaning that suits them. Presumably, it served its purpose back in the day, but now it's a curse.

  2. In my opinion Every economy must take it as its primary goal of not just focus on economic development but human development(changing youth mindset is extremely important)

  3. It kills me to see people wastefully using water but the most painful thing for me is that i can't see my nation (youth) do not think innovatively and unaware of problems we"re facing these days.


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