21 Feb 2018

Links of interest

  1. An amazing (long) essay on The Resnick's, their Paramount Farms empire and how they are "giving back" to the communities whose inhabitants are paid a small fraction of the profits the Resnick's make off California's subsidized water and weak regulations on health, sustainability, and civil rights.
  2. Who killed more? Hitler, Stalin or Mao? (a reminder of government abuses...)
  3. How will geo-engineering be implemented? Is it a good idea? (I think it's a cop-out)
  4. The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project is a global network of investigative journalists
  5. Read this interesting paper [pdf] on how "a group representing customers" successfully complemented regulators to improve water services in Scotland. (Here's my post proposing exactly more of that type of engagement, i.e., breaking the often too cosy regulator-manager relationship.)
  6. Energy conservation investments in Mexico were wasted because people didn't behave as "assumed."
  7. Deirdre McCloskey: "Richard Thaler's prize isn't noble." Burn.
  8. Science's pirate queen (the one behind Sci-Hub)
  9. Trump is NOT going to fix rural America's water quality crisis (me in 2008 and recently
  10. Football referees in Romania risk their lives to be honest
  11. How Facebook failed to understand its role as a "media outlet"
H/Ts to MK and DL