7 Feb 2018

Links of interest

  1. I'm quoted in this article on the (overstated) promise of desalination in California
  2. Another "rah rah" article on Israel's water management that fails to mention their theft of Palestinian water
  3. Great discussion: "John Ioannidis on Statistical Significance, Economics, and Replication"
  4. Is China now more dynamic and innovative than the US? Probably. ("Success often entails putting oneself in uncomfortable situations, like improvising during an important speech or flying a plane manually instead of relying on autopilot. Living a life that’s not so well-ordered can improve skill-acquisition.")
  5. EU governments should use markets and infrastructure, not command and control, to phase-out coal and nuclear
  6. An update on Simon vs Erhlich, i.e., techno-optimism vs apocalyptic environmentalism
  7. Americans are willing to pay 14% more for energy (a carbon tax) if that reduces GHG emissions
  8. Some Americans are poorer than people from "shithole countries" -- does Trump care?
  9. If a pedestrian on their phone gets hit by a car is it their fault? Or is it time to take back streets (and cities) for people?
  10. A female public intellectual who battles misogyny with wit and intelligence
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