25 Jan 2018

Published! A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Desalination

I'm one of the many authors of this handbook, which was just published.

As the title implies, the book covers desalination from many angles, which are collected into five sections (as described on the publisher's page):
  1. An overview of water scarcity, followed by a review of integrated water management and the alternatives to desalination. The fundamentals of desalination are provided, including simple water chemistry;
  2. Conventional technologies of today, including thermal and membrane desalination processes. The topics of pre- and post- treatment are given due credit, as no desalination plant can operate without them;
  3. The history of how desalination technologies originated, including a review of today's R&D activities and cutting edge research. The processes and engineering applied for membrane manufacturing are also presented;
  4. Concerned with energy and environmental issues, including the application of renewable and nuclear energy, minimization of energy usage and the water-energy-nexus, brine management, and environmental impacts;
  5. Social and commercial issues, ranging from rural desalination, to the politics of desalination. Desalination costs and feasibility are presented, as well as issues in business development and the future market prospects.
You can download and read the PDF of my chapter -- "Society, politics and desalination" -- but I strongly recommend that anyone interested in this topic buy the book. At $75, it's quite a bargain for a 700-page book with 20 chapters! (It's also available on Amazon.co.uk and from the publisher's site.)

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