9 Jan 2018

Published! Life Plus 2 Meters, Volume 2

This second book in the series offers 34 "visions" of how we might (not) adapt to life in a climate-changed world.

You can download the PDF for free or pay for the Kindle ($1) or Paperback ($4) versions. (You can get Volume 1 for roughly the same costs.)

This non-profit project has been very fun but also a lot of work, so I am going to stop here.

I am very grateful for the project's kickstarter supporters, Leiden University College for subsidizing some of the costs, and the 33 other authors who were so creative at thinking about the future.

Please enjoy the book, think about the stories and recommend it to your friends and family. Climate change is coming here and we need to cooperate to reduce our risks and protect our quality of life.

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