18 Jan 2018

Published! 2047 Short Stories from Our Common Future

I got involved in this project when Tanja Rohini Bisgaard, its founder, answered my call for authors for Life Plus 2 Meters with a call of her own:
Thirty years ago, the United Nations created a vision for our common future: one Earth, where we could all live together without damaging the planet for future generations.

In this short-fiction anthology, ten authors look another thirty years into the future, giving their perspectives regarding how we might—or might not—adapt to the changes around us in the year 2047.
I was pleased to write a short story about the origins, rise and eventual fall of the Sisson family of Visalia, California -- a family that worked hard but was finally beaten by falling ground water levels.

You can read my chapter directly here, but I recommend that you buy the book: It's $8 paperback/$4 Kindle (go here for UK site and other buying options) and has another nine chapters!

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