3 Jan 2018

Links of interest

  1. Over 15,000 scientists plea for sustainability, 25 years after their first ignored warning
  2. The best (and worst) economics textbooks on climate change
  3. Women are better at learning most subjects, and now comes maps (and spacial visualization)
  4. Is GoFundMe hiding fraud? GoFraudMe thinks so.
  5. Cinema's greatest scene: Casablanca and La Marseillaise
  6. America's mistake continues to immiserate Laotians 50 years later
  7. Silicon Valley wants to help with water problems (they'll do fine on tech, not governance)
  8. The Canadians defend international cooperation, replacing America as a moral leader
  9. Cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management in the Netherlands
  10. Spotify's algorithms don't care about musical creativity and Alpha Zero takes over chess
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