11 Jan 2018

Environmental and Natural Resource Experiments -- free downloads for one week

Strategic Behavior and the Environment has published a special issue on Experiments on Environmental and Natural Resource Policies, and all articles are free to download until 19 Jan.

(You need to register to download from that URL or any of the links below...)

I'll discuss my paper next week here, as there's some interesting background and context to add.

SBE 7:1-2 - Table of Contents

Stephan Kroll and Jordan Suter, Introduction to the Special Issue: Experiments on Environmental and Natural Resource Policies

Todd L. Cherry and David M. McEvoy, Refundable Deposits as Enforcement Mechanisms in Cooperative Agreements: Experimental Evidence with Uncertainty and Non-deterrent Sanctions

Joshua M. Duke, Kent D. Messer, Lori Lynch and Tongzhe Li, The Effect of Information on Discriminatory-Price and 
Uniform-Price Reverse Auction Efficiency: An Experimental Economics Study of the Purchase of Ecosystem Services

Orsolya Perger, Curtis Rollins, Marian Weber, Wiktor Adamowicz and Peter Boxall, Tradable Disturbance Permits for Old-growth Forest Conservation: Experimental Evaluation of Implementation Options

David Zetland, Exploring Group Cooperation in the Provision of Public Goods

Julian Jamison, David Owens and Glenn Woroch, Social Learning about Environmental Innovations: 
Experimental Analysis of Adoption Timing

Rohit Jindal, Joe Arvai, Delia Catacutan and Dam Viet Bac, To Cheat or Not? 
Results from Behavioral Experiments on Self-monitoring in Vietnam

For other issues or for subscription information, please visit www.nowpublishers.com/sbe.

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