6 Dec 2017

Links of interest

  1. Japanese overcome fear of "used homes" now that they are cheaper than new
  2. Elon Musk is just a guy
  3. "Economics was a closed book to Putin when he took power, but he came to understand that a thriving market economy required a well-functioning rule of law capable of constraining even government—and that was the death knell for the market economy."
  4. Belgium, a "country" united in disagreement
  5. Amsterdam just banned junk mail (unless you opt in)
  6. Egypt's water crisis (linked to poor governance corruption) is getting worse
  7. Fascinating insights on 19th century public health and water supplies in London
  8. Wikipedia’s guide to dealing with trolls
  9. MMM goes undercover and discovers how hard it is for Uber drivers to make $
  10. Water Alternatives is hosting water-related photos on Flickr. Add yours!

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