8 Nov 2017

Links of interest

  1. Is speciation outpacing extinction? Even if so, no excuse to not protect natural reserves
  2. "Utopia is a guess," so let go your ideals (libertarians here) and pay attention to facts (e.g., US lags on freedom)
  3. Journalists covering the story of "outdated levees" that may allow Sacramento to flood from (you guessed it) "unexpected river flows" should read my blog in 2008, when I was explaining how politicians were rushing to build houses in flood plains whose levees were never intended to protect houses. 
  4. The GAO says [pdf] that federal agencies need to better coordinate on collecting information and spending money devoted to improving urban and rural water quality
  5. The Adaptive Capacity Wheel can help assess institutions' adaptive capacity [pdf]
  6. Before there was mansplaining, there was Rebecca Solnit's 2008 critique of male arrogance
  7. From the opposite angle: "Menopause: take my advice and throw it away"
  8. Interrogation Interviews "only go well when both parties feel they are getting their fair share"
  9. The UN has advice on how to adapt water management to climate change
  10. A friend is in the Congo, taking photos and learning about WASH development
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