22 Nov 2017

Links of interest (2 of 2)

  1. Floods due to rain, sea-level rise or land subsidence risk contaminating drinking water
  2. A fraud assessment for a dodgy Canadian crypto-miner. Caveat Emptor!
  3. Sustainable water services in Congo (photo at right) and some insight from Maranie.
  4. Mr Money Mustache explains why America's health care system is broken
  5. A gay teacher is fired: "My commitment had never been to my job, it had always been to the students"
  6. Automation is taking blue collar (and white collar!) jobs NOW
  7. Voices on addiction from Davis, CA (where I got my PhD)
  8. James C. Scott has a new book on "paleo politics"
  9. "This community-run business creates a sustainable stream of food, water, and health"
  10. Dutch towns are experimenting with growing marijuana (the current "tolerance" does not mean growing is legal, unlike the case in US states that have legalized recreational sales).
H/T to MS

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