21 Nov 2017

Links of interest (1 of 2)

  1. Inside the real circular economy of returned merchandise
  2. Turkey's current Sultan is taking on the mantle of one of the last Ottoman sultans
  3. "We are the products not only of biological evolution but also of cultural evolution"
  4. Inside Scott Pruitt's dysfunctional EPA (=staff advice ignored by political hacks)
  5. Facebook wants your nude photos "to protect you from revenge porn" (#notheonion)
  6. More thoughts on how "the system" perpetuates male sexual abuse of women at work
  7. The Third Industrial Revolution (digital) is happening, but perhaps not fast enough to save us from negative environmental feedback loops (e.g., climate change)
  8. Test nitrates in the water with your smart phone for $0.50
  9. Buy Dutch water technology!
  10. $450 million: "The price needed to be that high, just for them to notice the money"
H/T to RM

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