9 Nov 2017

If Facebook is tracking us everywhere...

...to trick us into believing, buying or doing what its advertiser customers are paying for rather than what is best for us (our friends, events, or groups) then how can we protect ourselves?

I "quit" Facebook, but they are still keeping and collecting data on me, whether I am logged in, or not, whether I have an account or not.*

Perhaps my phone or computer will block some of the activity.

What other choices or actions are there?

As an economist familiar with the pros and cons of monopolies in the water sector, I know that Facebook is an abusive monopoly that is profiting from exploiting its users.** When will a regulator step in to protect us?

Your thoughts?

* Like buttons on any page are used to track you (see below), meaning that Facebook is not just collecting data on its 2 billion users but probably another 2 billion people on the internet, with perhaps the exception of China -- where even more data is collected by its domestic firms.

(And, yes, I did ask them to "delete" my account, but I am pretty sure they're still using my data.)

** The Economist's cover story: Does social media threaten democracy?