14 Nov 2017

Announcing the best "visions" of Life Plus 2 Meters!

I've been running the Life plus 2 meters project for 18 months. The project uses fictional "visions" (chapters) of how we might (not) adapt to life in a climate-changed world to help readers think about their own futures.

The first book of visions, Life Plus 2 Meters, Volume 1, was published last December. It's free to download and cheap to buy.

For Volume 2, I raised $660 via Kickstarter to fund prizes for the best visions in several categories. After collecting the votes from 16 judges (some of them readers of this blog), we have winners from among the 33 visions submitted for Volume 2.

Best story
  1. Daniel Gilbert for A Marsh Arab's story
  2. Emma J. Myatt for Amplitude
  3. John Sayer for Data recovery unit - subsection culture
Best perspective
  1. Kalila Eve Morsink for Blue death
  2. Finbarr Swanton for All empires fall
  3. Ed Dolan for 2100: Hot, crowded and rich
Best by under 26 years old*
  1. Joes de Natris for Climate-charged democracy?
  2. Jack Cooper for Seventy metres and September
  3. Celia Daniels for We drown with history
Best by author from Economically Developing Country*
  1. Ignacio Carlucho for Dusk
  2. Anna Maria for Browsing pages
NB: All visions (plus a few late submissions) will go into Volume 2, which should come out in December. Please read as many as you want -- and comment if you can see room for improvement. The better the final versions that end up in the book, the more -- and happier -- readers we will have.

* These authors needed to submit evidence to be in this category.

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