25 Oct 2017

Links of interest

Lots of interesting material on economics:
  1. The inventor of microfinance has an idea for fixing capitalism
  2. Capitalism needs nation-states for stability; they also undermine populism
  3. Silicon Valley needs a moral (or even just a reasonable) compass because Silicon Valley has turned from David to Goliath and how the EU can be an open, digital society
  4. Richard Thaler (just won economics Nobel) on the limits to our rationality and some solutions
  5. Related: Freakonomics radio on behavior
  6. Five books introducing economics and on reforming economics
  7. How ignorant of economics is Trump? Quite.
  8. California's school energy-efficiency program falls short of projections, but not evenly
  9. "Electrosensitives" said a new cell tower was hurting them. It wasn't even on.
  10. The first "colleges" in the US were democratic, market friendly and low quality...
  11. Can a poor person in a dysfunctional system be corrupt? A Nigerian answers

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