19 Sep 2017

Will California farmers always be there?

I wrote "Dear Henry" (a fictional look back from 2047 on whether farmers in California's central valley were sustainable -- or not) as a chapter for inclusion in anthology: 2047: Short Stories from our Common Future (Commemorating the UN's Brundtland Report from 1987).

I'd love to get your comments and corrections on this draft.


Gerardo said...

David -- One of my aunts and uncles lived in Visalia for a long time, and my cousins were raised there. This was a great to read for me. It brought the situation they have faced alive. I especially like the way in which there is a "non-noticed" large scale environmental change happening in the background. The fact that part of it is created by their own activities is an interesting twist, as is the lack of a mindful reckoning. "This just happened."

One comment I would have is whether there are maps, pictures, or other illustrations you could use. Those could enliven the story!

David Zetland said...

@Gerardo -- thanks for the feedback. That's VERY valuable coming from someone who understands that region and community. (I'll look into adding a map :)

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