20 Sep 2017

Links of interest

  1. The mathematician who developed the theory of information that drives our world
  2. Oregon's evolving groundwater management (yes, necessary even in a wet state!) 
  3. Populists combine "anti-elitism" with "othering" to produce un-American results
  4. How the American Red Cross "wasted" $500 million donated to help Haiti
  5. Recently, I gave talks on Climate Change (PDF slides and 66 min MP3 and Water Scarcity PDF slides and 21 min MP3)
  6. The new Sustainability ROI workbook is out!
  7. Scott Adams oozes out a hard-to-bear mansplaination of Trump's genius. Yeah, right.
  8. Trump plays the Heel but wants to be loved. Not just sad, but crazy
  9. The global sand crisis grows in the absence of clear property rights
  10. The US has freer speech but not a freer press, so citizens are less informed
H/T to EL

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