6 Sep 2017

Links of interest

  1. "How to tackle institutionalized corruption in the water sector -- lessons from Indonesia"
  2. "Why everyone should write" (it helps you think!)
  3. How to pursue truth in a regime of lies (Soviet mathematician example)
  4. The Water Footprinting Network filed for bankruptcy in August. I'm curious to see their financial statements (they are a non profit), especially as their 2015 numbers [pdf] indicate they spent about €680k on salaries and consultants (against gross revenue of €780k)
  5. A very clever investment banker thinks about the cryptocurrency future.
  6. Let your kids fail. They will learn faster!
  7. The Americas Latino Eco Festival is in Denver on 15-17 Sept!
  8. A decentralized internet (you -- yes you -- have a hub) is the way around gov't control
  9. A fascinating interview with an ex-white supremacist (who Trump doesn't like)
  10. Pot-trepreneurs are making rapid productivity gains. Predictable but cool ;)

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