30 Aug 2017

Links of interest

  1. Cape Town's water crisis: Managers assumed demand would not bounce back. It did.
  2. A photographer in the Everglades (sample right)
  3. "An honest business news update" is insightful in its vapidity. "Why everyone should write" should push you to write something.
  4. How Angela Merkel handles little boys male politicians
  5. Trump abandons global efforts to reduce corruption. Dictators rejoice.
  6. Brazil is too corrupt and broke to plant the seeds of trees promised to offset its Olympic emissions
  7. A pilot criticizes airport "security theatre" and recommends real reforms. (Here's his post on air travel and the environment.)
  8. People in the Middle Ages didn't drink beer instead of water but when they could
  9. How white Southerners rationalize the Civil War as "pro liberty" rather than "pro slavery"
  10. Eliot Spitzer points out how America's crony-capitalists are doing well for themselves.

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