9 Aug 2017

Links of interest

  1. My latest op/ed: "Adaptation should secure communities, not property"
  2. Peer-to-peer lending (I've had a terrible return from Lending Club) will only get legitimate when it's regulated like banking (there are too many incentives to provide sub-prime information now)
  3. Watch this Vox video on "the high cost of free parking"
  4. Corruption: "How powerful people use criminal-defamation laws to silence their critics"
  5. Recommended: "How to think like an economist"
  6. I'm quoted in "Opponents of California’s Delta Tunnels Project Push Alternative Strategies" (Here's my idea for local self reliance; this paper [pdf] estimates that SoCal could "support itself" without imports.)
  7. "A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer"
  8. Globally, more people think China is a greater economic power than the US
  9. If electrical utilities like heatwaves, then surely water utilities like water waste
  10. A marketing guy applies economics to real life
  11. Should the Dutch switch to English and drop their mother tongue?
  12. "This paper shows that cheating [on a lab task in India] predicts corrupt behavior by civil servants, implying that it is a meaningful predictor of future corruption. Students who demonstrate pro-social preferences are less likely to prefer government jobs"


Never Thirst! Pat Ferraro said...

Hi David. Please repost this in a more appropriate entry in your blog: https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2017/08/books-and-reports-on-the-rising-seas-of-climate-change/

Never Thirst!
Pat Ferraro

David Zetland said...

Thanks Pat. I am trying to get Life Plus 2 Meters added to that list :)

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