19 Jul 2017

Links of interest

  1. The billionaire-financed rise of the thought leader (and decline of the public-financed public intellectual) combined with the continued decline in access to academic research and the rise of high-tech (low labor) additive manufacturing may favor Europe over the US (or China).
  2. Magical warfare technologies help "irrational" people win
  3. Economics of the populist backlash
  4. "The Photographic electronic Narrative (PeN) project shares photographs taken by current and ex-offenders on placement at LandWorks: an independent charity which provides a supported route back into the community for people in or recently released from prison"
  5. The hightech war on scientific fraud in the place that's had troubles: The Netherlands
  6. Trump and Pruitt appear not to care about the environment people who live in environments (kinda everyone)
  7. A poetic 1970 essay California water management from Joan Didion
  8. A contemporary plea for mercy from Venezuela
  9. An economist brings realism to the discussion of human behavior (spoiler: math doesnt' hack it)
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