5 Jul 2017

Links of interest

  1. OMICS (a fraudulent open access journal) now has a journal for climate change deniers whose logic includes "the ‘greenhouse theory’ cannot be correct because real greenhouses have glass roofs and the atmosphere does not."
  2. Looking for online videos to learn economics? Here. (Oh, and don't forget that economics is not a science!)
  3. My "thoughts on sustainable solutions" (PDF slides and 58 min MP3)
  4. Water managers are wasting money and/or harming the environment by taking too much water in California, where "water users appeared to more easily achieve the water use reductions requested by utilities during more recent droughts" and Orange Country (California) water managers consistently over-estimate demand [pdf]
  5. Circle, a blockchain-based FinTech company is offering zero cost, "bank rate" multi-currency transfers. I signed up but have not tried it yet.
  6. Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, (premature) Ethereum Obituaries and WTF is Ethereum? (A good primer)
  7. "Writing advice to my students that would also have been good sex advice for my high school boyfriends"
  8. Not-the-Onion: Bic pens... for her. Read the reviews!
  9. Mumbai was built on a wetlandsthe origin of London's sewers and how Amsterdam invented bike sharing
  10. "Water Security and Climate Change: The Need for Adaptive Governance"
  11. How bureaucracy fails (UK edition)
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