14 Jun 2017

Links worth your time

  1. A reasonable defense of Brexit
  2. When you're out of money: "Saudi Arabia Experiments with Reform"
  3. A Kiwi learns about natural resource management from the Maoris
  4. Amazon is "eating the world" because it makes internal divisions compete in markets, per Coase (1937). Related (and scary): Silicon Valley's "big five" have an oligopoly
  5. Plato did behavioral economics and "the right to recline (or paid not to) on planes"
  6. "Russia's propaganda works by forcing your right brain (the emotional one) to overpower your left brain (the logical one), while clogging all your logical filters."
  7. "Blockchains Never Forget" with useful socio-political implications
  8. "Dutch households will use [cloud] servers to heat their showers for free"
  9. A letter from the Mayor to a Sexist
  10. The IMF on the future of work (for millennials)
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