7 Jun 2017

Links worth your time

  1. "Finland's basic income experiment is already making people feel better"
  2. drylab 2023: 8 women. 16 liters of water per day
  3. Groundwater and business ethics (elephant in the room: corrupt government)
  4. A Dutch court sentenced several people to community service for making a snuff video of an anti-racism campaigner. (She was "digitally lynched" by over 40.000 Dutch.)
  5. Tipping point: Alaska's (and Canada's and Russia's) melting permafrost is releasing millennia of GHGs
  6. No, Under 18s do NOT know how to use the internet without being manipulated
  7. Some cultural insights into traveling in Cuba
  8. Join the "Hack for the Sea" this Sep in Massachusetts! (Details PDF)
  9. Some thoughts on irrigation PPPs in SSAfrica
  10. The 40-hour work week is counterproductive to thinking

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