28 Jun 2017

Links of interest

  1. "Dirty Soap Co. is an awareness project centered around marine pollution"
  2. Made from sewage, these “popsicles” reveal the scale of Taiwan’s water pollution
  3. Is Vegas's quest for other people's groundwater inevitable? Maybe, if you look at the return to Big Infrastructure in the US West
  4. A massive survey of households (mostly in developing countries) finds that adult women are still more likely to fetch water than adult men (children don't go so often), taking an average of 28 minutes/day. (I spend 0 minutes, since I have safe tap water.)
  5. Training rural Indian women to test their water quality (via Akvo support)
  6. The AMA lobbied to make America's health system ineffective and expensive
  7. Stephen Fry sees the future of the internet in the past of printing (it's on us)
  8. What's warming the world? After removing other factors, it's us, bigly.
  9. "Climate Change and Increasing Aridity: The Fate of Agriculture and Rural Communities in the Middle East and North Africa" [pdf]
  10. "We need a fundamental shift in the approach for modernizing the Columbia River Treaty, from a review of the original commercial contract for flood control and power generation to an ecosystem based management approach for the entire Columbia Basin" Read more of this communique [pdf] from this conference
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