18 May 2017

So here's what I am thinking after 6,000 posts

Aguanomics was the only living child of Sex, Drugs and Water Utilities, which was upwardly mobile child of the short-lived Another Brilliant Idea. When I began Aguanomics in March 2008, I imported about 150 posts from the SD&WU that were water-related. After that beginning, I blogged a lot more on water because (1) I was excited to talk about all the "new" topics, (2) I got a postdoc that left me with no time obligations, and (3) blogging was an amazingly helpful and productive activity for me (and perhaps some readers).

Several years and thousands of posts later (around 500 of them guest posts!), I see many topics as old or known but often unresolved due to governance issues, public indifference, and unimaginative or exploitative stakeholders. I also have less time due to my teaching duties joys! and other projects. Those reasons explain why I have not been blogging so much, but there third reason -- the productive joy -- is as strong as ever. I now have a queue of 40-50 topics that I need to write out. (Go ahead and suggest more!)

This graphic captures my posting frequency over the years, but it also gives you an idea of my cumulative satisfaction :)

Bottom Line: Don't blog to succeed. Blog to share.

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