3 May 2017

Read these articles!

  1. Berkeley's soda/sugar tax lowers consumption and raises $1.4 million for nutrition programs
  2. Civilization can collapse via environmental tipping points OR massive inequality. Choose one?
  3. Where is America's Deep State?
  4. How the Trump family makes environmental policy (satire sad)
  5. How do environmental economists think? Where do they (dis)agree?
  6. Ivanka and Jared "are accountable, complicit, and should be out"
  7. If you need a contract, then you've lost (agreed)
  8. "Why regulators should focus on bankers' incentives" and how (ongoing) banker bailouts help Trump and hurt Hillary
  9. "A $500 House in Detroit" is more about community than price
  10. "I've never seen good results from people trying to speak about things they don't know firsthand."

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