15 May 2017

Monday funnies

MV sent me this example of (empty) corporate braggadocio:*
Press Release: Nordic brands saved almost 7 billion liters of water, enough for daily needs of 134 million people... Factories supplying H&M, IKEA, Filippa K and 20 other Nordic brands saved more than 6.7 billion liters of water since STWI initiated its work with the factory base in 2012. This cumulative result equals the annual need of more than 360,000 people, or one day’s need* of 134 million.
Besides the obvious point (their saved water won't create or operate a drinking water system in another country), this PR is even more meaningless...

As you can read in the release (but not the headline), they saved enough "for the daily needs of 134 million people" for ONE DAY. How about 360,000 people for a year? No way... as "water" is only component in a water system. You also need things like "pipes", "energy", "personnel" etc.

Bottom Line: The marketing team needs to drink a little less koolaid and more water.
* Addendum: The example was so good that I blogged on it twice (whoops!)

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