31 May 2017

Links worth your time

  1. Social disaster: "Fewer 24-54 year-old working men than at end of the Depression"
  2. From 2004: How agribusiness rewrote dietary guidelines (and made us sick)
  3. EU report: "How the Kremlin uses Russia's criminal networks in Europe"
  4. A story of the commons (and endangered monkeys) in Ethiopia's highlands
  5. Indigenous peoples' "stories" help warn of natural disasters
  6. One step closer to the Matrix: AIs are playing video games. Related: Humans merging with hardware
  7. Sad updates on the dismantling of the EPA -- scientists fired and quit
  8. Yemen's situation is verging on crop failure and starvation
  9. The (important) role of social networks in water governance
  10. An overview on resources discussing a human right to water that still lacks the realistic analysis I made here

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