17 May 2017

Links worth your time

  1. Do you like learning as much as sex?
  2. Spot fake Amazon/Yelp reviews with Fakespot or ReviewMeta
  3. An incredible investigation into Soma water filters (they're worthless)
  4. How trolls stopped google (and authors) from putting millions of books online
  5. Fórum Paralelo Mundial da Água ("Parallel to World Water Forum") is where protestors against the goals of the 2018 World Water Forum will meet
  6. Instead of helping the world communicate, Twitter turned to advertising (fail analysis)
  7. "How To Invest In Yourself" (set 100 goals then do them)
  8. "Screw finding your passion" (more good life advice)
  9. Silk Road was a hot start-up, but illegal. Silicon Valley does drugs and murder.
  10. Scientists measure Alberta oil sands pollution as 2-4x worse than reported. Industry says "definitely listening and looking for better way to measure pollution" (get back to you in 2025?)

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