10 May 2017

Links worth your time

  1. How development aid's "appeal to pity" undermines aid
  2. A basic income trial begins in Uganda. First reports are promising.
  3. Jihadis are just another flavor of millennial
  4. Some notes explaining the form of Chinese writing
  5. The ultimate means of building community: baby swaps
  6. "What I learned about life by becoming a landlord"
  7. The Economist on Saudi Arabia: "In a kingdom which acts like a (heavily armed) charity doling out cradle-to-coffin welfare, few see a reason to upset the felafel stand. Two-thirds of Saudi Arabia’s 21m citizens are employed by the government and expect annual pay rises whether working or not." A witty way to talk about a confusing country (water prices will still rise).
  8. "The 5 Elements of a Brilliant Sales Narrative" -- worth a read for EVERYONE.
  9. Palliative care may be better (live longer and more comfortably) than conventional treatment for terminal cancer patients
  10. "Which countries destroy the environment the most (and least)?"

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