13 May 2017

Flashback to May 2008

These posts are still relevant 9 years later!
  1. What is Aguanomics? Good question. Related: Special Interests and Lifeguards and Risk
  2. Desalination as an Investment puts another bad idea (Desalination -- OUCH!) in context
  3. Economics v ecology: Was Julian Simon Right about the Wrong Thing? One of my best (on ). Related: Malthus and Carbon Trading, (stupid) Footprints and People versus Tigers (or Loggers)
  4. Scarcity and conservation: RAISE THE PRICE!Elasticity of DemandFeeling a Need explains why conservation isn't always useful, Rationing in NorCalPrice and EfficiencyWater is Valuable!Central Planning for LawnsPaternalistic Water ManagementYou WILL Do ThisSoviet LAWastewaterGolf in the Desert and God's Water (what do believers say?)
  5. Farmers: Rice, Water, Luck, Wisdom -- farmers want profits, via water or rice. Related: Photogenic Losers and Fat Cats (farmers), Fat Cats or Skinny Cats? (water managers), Do Farmers Care?Standard Food (industrial ag), Abuse of Water RightsSocio-politics of Water (transfers) and Markets for Water -- Australia
  6. Food policy: Wrong Way Right Way to manipulate food prices in Egypt, economists have criticized Agricultural Policy for 50 years, Offshoring Food and Ethanol is Dumb, part 54
  7. The Colorado: Down Mexico Way -- the Colorado's death hits them harder. Related: Die! Salton Sea Die! and Radioactive Water
  8. LDCs: USAID Harms The Poor (as Sachs the Planner does), but unlike WaterAid. Related: Water Tanks in poorer countries and Digging Wells for the Poor
  9. CC: USDA Sees the Light? Climate change is a threat. Maybe tell Trump? Related: Sustainable LivingAcid OceanConspiracy to Emit... (companies hiding emissions), Speaking of Carbon (costs of mitigation), Taxes Are Easier...Baikal Warms and World Bank, Climate Profiteer
  10. Ecosystems management: China -- Danger and OpportunitySue the Corps, (stupid) Yazoo PumpsDelta Myopia, and Clean Water Restoration Act -- my comment in favor of more federal regulation of "navagable waters," which Trump just killed. Idiot.
  11. Black Market Oil -- US gas taxes are 10% of what they should be
  12. Nestle Blinks -- an update on "the evil one" that shows mostly incompetence. Related: Who Needs Bottled Water? (funny)
On these posts, I've changed my mind
  1. I had no idea Trump would come along and make Bush 2's EPA appointments look so good

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