27 Apr 2017

Read these articles!

  1. How do I become a better visual designer?
  2. Demand for plastic bags in Netherlands drops 70% when they are NOT free
  3. United Airlines shows that we trust business more than government and how businesses calculate the cost of violating our dignity
  4. A seasoned rant on spices
  5. Free speech does not belong in the classroom
  6. Waterlution (I work with them) runs workshops to promote insight and innovation
  7. Mafia in the US, a crime story from Trumpistan
  8. An "Indian" solution to the government's stupid law on alcohol sales 
  9. "More than a third of Americans are prescribed painkillers every year"
  10. Big Data Nudges may be dangerous to a democracy too. I agree, and this normative article's "solutions and actions" more or less show how dangerous it is (i.e., democratic governments are not enacting these policies).

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