19 Apr 2017

Read these articles

  1. Why macroeconomics can hardly predict anything (correctly)
  2. Can women in power overcome millennia of prejudice?
  3. Plagues can reduce inequalities, but so can government policies [pdf p12]
  4. A really great review of Seeing Like A State (kinda like reading the book)
  5. "Amsterdam's solution to the obesity crisis: no fruit juice and enough sleep"
  6. Protect the watershed to help downstream: examples from Ethiopia and Brazil
  7. Erdogan's move towards dictatorship populist democracy dictatorship
  8. How will rivers in New Zealand and India be protected as "people"?
  9. Why Hayek would have supported carbon taxes
  10. China's deep groundwater pollution looks bad
  11. Robert Reich on Trump: 13/13 broken promises
  12. Bonus! Trump's "weird shit" environmental policies

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