12 Apr 2017

Read these articles!

  1. How a deadly global pandemic would play out
  2. White collar workers will not find employment (as the robots take their jobs) as easily farm workers did when their jobs were mechanized. Related: Many young men are missing work experience as they play video games
  3. Statistics! "Cows and people are the large animals that most dominate the environment"
  4. Garry Kasparov on the press and propaganda in Trump's America
  5. "Taxation Beats Regulation for Amsterdam’s Tourist Dilemma"
  6. Yay EU! The end of mobile phone roaming charges in the EU (from 15 June 2017). Related: The EU is cracking down on price discrimination on travel booking sites [pdf]
  7. The (neutral to bad) impacts of Brexit on scientists
  8. Why suburbia sucks
  9. Global groundwater depletion accelerates
  10. Amsterdam says no to drunk party bikes that disrupt neighborhoods

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