5 Apr 2017

Read these articles!

  1. An interesting discussion of "Behavior – the control of perception"
  2. "The benefits of hierarchy, expertise and excellence"
  3. "Facts can backfire when people are selectively reasoning about their political identity"
  4. "Be humble about taxes as a tool for growing the economy"
  5. Sand used to given as an example of abundance (i.e., too cheap to price). No more.
  6. Water is like melted steel (video)
  7. "How can schooling contribute to a meaningful life?"
  8. The economics of despair that lead to so many premature deaths in the ex-USSR are now striking America's working classes 
  9. Will a wrist watch better connect you to reality? I am back to wearing one.
  10. Geert Wilders ("the Dutch Trump") is a strange, obsessive guy
  11. "Is American Democracy Strong Enough for Trump?"

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