22 Apr 2017

Flashback to April 2010

These posts are still relevant after 7 years!
  1. Earth Day according to George Carlin (but We can learn from savages)
  2. Blind bureaucracy (thank you TSA), Polling the Tea Baggers and Tax Day
  3. Futuristic plastic is present-day pollutionMy talk on oil and water in SoCal and The Story of Bottled Water (is wrong)
  4. Food Inc -- The Review. Plus Travelblog: Unsustainable agriculture in NZWater Policy in Spain -- The (mini) Review and Floral externalities (true, even though the carbon footprint of growing flowers in Africa and flying them to the Netherlands is lower)
  5. Tolerance - The Dutch are not the same as Californians (and vice versa!)
  6. I'm in the right club (i.e., water MDGs are poorly defined and hard to achieve). Related (a human right to water): Forbes and the market for ideasBureaucratic goals and others obligations and Clean water for Nigerians
  7. Co-equal fiction -- and realistic solutions (my solution to California's "Delta problem"). Related: MWD says pricy water is cheap and 20x2020 is wrongheaded and doomed to fail
  8. Anti-Westlands hysteria and Westlands is lying
  9. The US can improve -- still true, in so many small ways
  10. Water managers don't look for bargains probably b/c they don't pay attention to Poll Results -- Water Solutions which leads to California desalination costs over $2,000/af*. Better to restrict demand: Bolinas Water Meters to prevent Cheap water for the rich means less water for the poor (due to Water is scarce because ideas are scarce, e.g., Politics, lies and opportunism)
  11. The sorrow of West Virginia -- seems to be ongoing, qua Trump and opiate deaths
  12. My talk to the environmental engineers
  13. A Modest Proposal for Carbon (Chinese hunger and US obesity). Related (the children!): Dear Pope -- It's a Catholic problem
I've changed my mind on these

  1. Hail James! A great way to price water -- nope. Just set one price. My water use leaves less for you.

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